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SolarGuard Protective Coatings.

Plastic sign faces for channel letters that don’t fade or “yellow” for 5 years because of internal UV protection is a step in the right direction, but your sign needs to look nearly as good 25 years from now as it looks the day it is installed; or you need to plan to replace it often so that your potential customers do not get the wrong impression of your business.

The longevity and appearance of plastic face materials and graphics are extended when they are coated with SolarGuard™, a special, clear, high-gloss, mar-resistant topcoat which protects plastics from ultraviolet light and ozone so that they last longer, just like your eyeglasses have UV coatings to protect the plastic lens.

Dallas Signs Manufacturing is an authorized SolarGuard™ applicator.

You won’t have dull, dingy plastic faces on your sign if we manufactured it.

SOLARGUARD 7 YEAR TESTDallas Signs Manufacturing adds SolarGuard™ protection to every plastic-faced sign.

We began applying SolarGuard over 25 years ago.  We have NEVER replaced a sign face due to fading!

Does SolarGuard™ Protection Work?  The face on the right was made of “generic” red acrylic and black trim-cap.  The left half was coated with SolarGuard™ and the face was left outside for ONLY 7 years; your sign will be out there much longer!

Protected vs. unprotected vinyl lettering.¬Picture of protected vs. unprotected vinyl lettering, left outside for 7 years.

(This product does not come from the traditional sign industry.  Few sign companies know about it, or where to get it.)


Electronic Message Center faces that were NOT protected with SolarGuard™ (Click on each picture to enlarge.)

Lumabrite Optical Brighteners for a Better Looking Sign

Just as coated lenses in binoculars increase the light gathering ability of the lens, the special Lumabrite™ crystal clear coatings we use increase the brightness of our plastic-faced signs.

Also, Lumabrite™ reduces maintenance because of built-in self-cleaning properties.

As an added bonus Lumabrite™ also makes the sign face(s) more reflective when the sign is not lighted!

This products inspiration was for the plastic lens industry.

Our people are factory-trained in the application of Lumabrite™.

Dallas Signs Manufacturing adds Lumabrite™ crystal clear coatings to every plastic-faced sign.

Protection Against Vandalism

The unique clear coats Dallas Signs Manufacturing applies over vinyl lettering and graphics are also formulated to remove one remaining objection knowledgeable consumers have to the use of vinyl on sign faces.

We have all seen signs where vandals have peeled-off lettering to make the sign imply something else, or simply to deface them.

When your sign is vandalized it must be replaced so that it effectively represents your business; even if the sign is simply a listing of “Pool Rules.”

While it is probably “technically” possible to remove lettering and deface a sign we manufactured with SolarGuard™, OptiGard and/or Lumabrite™ protection we are not aware of anyone, ever, having done so.

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